We are a privately held investment company specializing in...

Brothers Eli and Jeffrey Gindi are co-founders and principals of Gindi Capital, a family holding company that actively invests in commercial real estate as well as consumer products. To date, Gindi Capital has procured billions of dollars in real estate properties throughout the country and has been involved in numerous corporate acquisitions, including its current regional children’s retail chain, America’s Kids.

Prior to founding Gindi Capital in the late-90’s, Eli and Jeffrey were partners at Century 21 Department Stores, a leading discount fashion apparel chain in New York City, and LT Apparel Group, a top wholesale children’s-wear manufacturer. It is their leadership and active involvement in day to day operations that significantly contributed to the growth of these businesses.

Eli and Jeffrey take a very active and hands on approach in dealing with their investments across all sectors and look to create value through their unique experiences in both the retail and wholesale industries.